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Hi Sacha and Túlio,

I make the words of Fernando mine too, Sacha. If you can (or, better said, when you can) implement those changes and upgrades in the software, a very BIG market will open for you in Brazil. We trade in a educational chat room with more than 200 traders - many daytraders, but many position and swing traders too - that would eagerly buy a license if those requirements would be met. Of course, we understand that it takes time and a lot of testing to change so many things... but, as always, we are craving for those implements to come to life! :) Nowadays we do our testing - Túlio and me - manually.... booooooooring as hell! LOL! And I myself have 40 backtestings to repeat in December (which I made for the first half of the year manually and are overdue now).... I reaaaaaaaaaly would like not to have to do it with pen and paper anymore!

Anyway, I write you to reinforce Túlio's words.

Hope you have a nice weekend.


Gustavo Campos
 8) All hands on the deck, now, Captain!

Downloading and testing in 3...2....1.... :)


Sorry to bother your:

I don't know if that's as simples as a layman as me would think, but we use a lot in Brazil the 10 minutes and the 240 minutes charts.... it would be very good if these time frames were available for the graphics (perhaps a window with "free time selection" or just 2 new butons) and backtesting too.  ;)

I'll stop nagging you now!  :-X

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks once more for your prompt and kind response, Sacha!

I`ll install de beta version now and see if it`s ok. Just so you can see the discrepancy that happens with intraday data of the brazylian stocks, I`ll attach a print of the screen of MGLU3 yesterday from my brazylian data provider and trading software and the one I get from Stocklyze. Same day, very diferent charts (both not adjusted for provents or dividends). These are one minute charts.

Hope you can get to ascii data suport soon!


I also zipped a few huge files with data if it's of more use for your understanding of what I mean.

Hope it helps.!Ah6Jgypff0Cg_VNX1z8O0TZ_vcnz?e=EE71xS

Hi Sacha,

Thanks for your prompt answer! I really don't like beta versions, but I'll give yours a try. Regarding the ASC data, I'll provide you with 2 or 3 files with brazylian data (intraday) so you can see what I'm talking about. Hope you can solve it.... the chat I mentioned are full of people eager to have a backtesting (intraday) at an affordable price and with a friendly interface, and Stockalyze fullfills both! But without importing our data, we can't operate due, as I said, to the unreliability of the brazylian stock exchange intraday data released to foreign services.

Again, thank you for your kindness and for your reply.


I was introduced yesterday to your fine program through a chat in a private room in Brazil. But nobody could answer (and I couldn't find it either on your website) if Stockalyze can do intraday backtesting of the BRASYLIAN STOCKS AND INDEX - metatrader has a MAJOR problem with our stock exchange data and is not reliable, so it's a concern of mine if Stockalyze can manage it - or, if not, how can I import the data I already have exported in CSV from my tranding program (the data is reliable) in order to backtest with Stockalyze. In a nut shell, can Stocklyze run intraday backtesting of the brasylian stock market and, if not, can I import CSV data into Stockalyze? Thanks.