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General Discussion / Tiingo intraday data
June 17, 2020, 05:00:30 PM
as far as I understand, Tiingo provides some kind of real time data. Is there an option to integrate this into the intraday chart as a data provider?
Further, say I wanted to integrate with my own real time data provider, would that be possible and if so how?

Best regards
Thanks, works fine  :)
Feature & Enhancement Requests / Adding stocks
January 06, 2020, 03:00:54 PM
When adding more than a handful stocks to a watchlist, or to the system itself is a headace. There should be an option to bulkinsert or bulkadd stocks. E.g. I want a watchlist with all the stocks for a given exchange, then I have to manually add one stock at the time.

This also goes for adding/modifying the list of stocks for given exchange.

I hope this can be fixed.

Best regards
Works like a charm  :D
Well done!
Hi. There should be an option to select the date format separator. Alot of the export is given like YYYY-MM-DD, but the dash separator is not an option when importing ASCII data.

Best regards
1. I was making the post from the "Report a problem" button. Hence, that dialog should be non-modal (I wrongly wrote modal in the first post) so you can go back and check/verify in the application when reporting a problem.

2. Nice. There is also some redrawing issue when removing a security.
I found that options eventually. It would have been nice tough, to disable a pattern from that dialogbox and being able to press OK  :D
It works, it was just me being a little to impatience :-)
When enabling the logaritmic scale to a template, this is not retained. Opening a new chart with the same template and the logaritmic scale has to be set again.
According to the user guide ( a tooltip should be displayed when hoovering a candle pattern : "If you hover mouse cursor inside one of those oval shape then a tooltip will describe the patterns detected along with other price related data."
This is not working in the newest version (of 12.12.2019). If this dialog was a non-modal dialog, I could have found the version :-)
When selecting a candlestick pattern, and then deselecting the same pattern (e.g having non patterns selected) I get an errorbox stating "No pattern is selected". The effect of this is that I have to recreate the chart if I ever used a candlestick pattern, which seems unnecessary tedious, and counter intuitive.
1. Make this window modal, so one can verify problems in the program whilst having this windows open.
2. When deleting a selected security, the selected security is not deleted from the screen, but a random other security is. Also, in the popupbox, the deleted security should be mentioned.