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Stockalyze Release Notes

Stockalyze 2014 Update-4 Released (9 Aug 2015)
Ref#Change TypeChange Description
7c7ee2bEnhancementExport chart: Now the exact chart being shown on screen is exported.
dbbd882EnhancementNow the volume bars (and other histograms) can also be used as input while droping indicator on chart.
b4c298cEnhancementFibonacci retracements: Now exact price values are also shown along with percentage.
b3a8067EnhancementDate and value at cursor position is now shown to make them find easily.
0de56ecEnhancementAdded Keltner Channels, a new indicator.
7afb56fBug FixGraphics of composite indicator that use input indicators were not getting saved correctly while saving chart.
8d61c2cBug FixAdding new split from split-details dialog was having a bug with dates.
04775cfEnhancementDate and number formats now honor system settings.
272082aBug FixAdding indicators from template was not working properly in few cases.
4c808e0Bug FixParallel line and connected lines were not working as expected.
Stockalyze 2014 Update-3 Released (2 Apr 2015)
Ref#Change TypeChange Description
f7b300fEnhancementAdded spidermonkey JS engine so that we can parse PAC.
dbf0f1bBug FixTemplate was not honoring composite indicators.
87b7aaaEnhancementIt is now easier to open technical chart from inside point & figure chart and vice versa.
0d7a0d8EnhancementImplemented feedback feature that user can give from inside product and also while uninstalling.
396a481Bug FixUse default template option was missing from preference dialog.
f6d769cBug FixIn some cases default country was not getting selected in Symbol Selection Dialog.
7cbb4a7Bug FixPrice history was not getting downloaded on some specific dates.
be9f936EnhancementCurve values are shown on the chart inside the zone to which it belongs instead of in the status bar.
a1c76e2EnhancementAdded filter for exchange in Symbol Selection dialog.
b08bb62EnhancementNow the entire position can be deleted in a portfolio.
5efe2aaBug FixCountry list in symbol selection was not correctly sorted.
ca25603Bug FixBecause of floating point error two levels were getting created for essentially same value.
Stockalyze 2014 Update-2 Released (19 Jan 2015)
Ref#Change TypeChange Description
e90d1a9EnhancementPoint and figure chart can now be drawn of any data instead of just high/low prices.
ff3182bEnhancementAdded Window menu for easier navigation among frames.
0dcd97fBug FixSaving Stock Idea Finder details was not saving data-provider info of security.
Stockalyze 2014 Update-1 Released (3 Dec 2014)
Ref#Change TypeChange Description
0e250deEnhancementOn first launch country of user is selected by default in the symbol selection dialog.
7ec192bEnhancementAdded support to search for ticker. It greatly simplifies use of symbol selection dialog.
1908eeeEnhancementAdded two new indicators, TMF, and CMF.
111d13eBug FixFixed a crash that used to happen sometimes when a chart was opened.
a460825Bug FixPoint-and-figure crashes sometimes when scrolling is done after adding annotation.
31229c3EnhancementUpdated Google index files with symbols of some more indices.
Stockalyze 2014 Released (9 Nov 2014)
Ref#Change TypeChange Description
d7cfd30EnhancementSymbol selection dialog is made more simpler and efficient.
6b7c013EnhancementUpdated symbol lists to support data download from Google Finance. It now supports symbols from 50 stock exchanges from across the world.
728cfb0Bug FixCandlestick pattern selection dialog was not showing an info icon.
20fed32Bug FixTooltip for candlestick pattern detection was not appearing.
b3eeafbBug FixP&F chart: Annots were visible outside chart.
3d165d8Bug FixText annotation was not getting read from a saved file.
ab1cc82Bug FixSymbol selection in single-selection mode was having multiple items selected.
4ba4ed8Enhancementwebsite: Added page to upgrade from Stockalyze Pro 2012.
8278914Enhancementwebsite: Updated future plans and feature lists.
4d3ea71EnhancementThere will be now just one product with two modes, (LiteMode and ProMode).
6acf19dBug FixFixed uninstallation bug.
41b53a9Bug FixZoom drop-down menu was invisible.
f6645b3FeatureImplemented Alert Manager.
a4264d9Bug FixActive annotation was displayed at wrong location with non-zero vscroll.
ff69693Bug FixDeleting the history was not working.
27e4422Bug FixFixed a crash when Ctrl+A was pressed while editing of text annotation.
e36dd3eBug FixModified line-annot to handle non-linear mapping correctly.
a42611bFeatureAdded triangle, rectangle, and oval annotations.
90ce1a5EnhancementCurve value is now shown on statusbar instead of on the chart.
3228571Bug FixFixed a bug where annot was not getting deleted.
3c5852aFeatureAdded support for linear-regression-channel.
d230a21FeatureAdded support for fibonacci retracement.
db63c51FeatureImplemented Point and Figure chart.
491f89bEnhancementComposite indicator can be created using drag-drop.
89ed6f8EnhancementAdded capability to highlight a drawable. It is helpful in selecting input data from curve for composite indicator.
7b11e08EnhancementPrice data is moved from tooltip to bottom left box on chart itself.
1f24ec1FeatureImplemented google data download.
2938b4cEnhancementSecurity price history can now be updated asynchronously.
6eadea0FeatureImplemented Portfolio view.
ff17434Bug FixSome menu icons were missing some were too large.
324944fBug FixZoomOut was broken.
a338058EnhancementLast frame size of chart is now saved and honored in next session.
f619789FeatureStockalyze is now a floating MDI application instead of traditional MDI application.
029a743EnhancementPolished indicator of indicator experience.
1aad434EnhancementImproved indicator graphics selection experience.
e1094ccFeatureIndicator of indicator is now possible by setting different input series.
c0f4144Bug FixChart style from preference was not honored for new chart.
31efdf9Bug FixFixed a bug where yahoo index files were not getting copied.
4697814Bug FixRestore size of mainframe is saved and used in next session.
Stockalyze 2012 new build Released
Ref#Change TypeChange Description
186a690EnhancementDifference of start-date and end-date in Find Stock Ideas dialog box is now remembered.
a6bca55Bug FixFind Stock Ideas view was not getting updated properly.
e53830aBug FixFixed a crash in chart creation.
2311121Bug FixSome signal markers were not getting displayed in few cases.
20d41cBug FixInfo about short-cut keys in tooltip of some tool buttons were missing.
2cdf06EnhancementHead & Shoulders pattern recognition was failing in some cases.
888e5bBug FixSometimes same stock idea was generated multiple times.
8796dfEnhancementStock Idea Finder Report can be exported as HTML.
d36896EnhancementZoom factor is also saved when chart is saved.
86311cEnhancementSimple System Test Report now shows test period and export as HTML link.
79ec17Bug FixMetastock format support for data was broken recently.
96a079Bug FixSignal Marker configuration was not working after it has been added to chart.
589d3bBug FixSignal Marker was not working when Trading System supports both long and short positions.
666d04FeatureFull data on demand, now data will be downloaded on need basis. It removes the need to download data manually.
b856f1ExperimentAdded a new experimental indicator STX (Sacha Trend indeX).
2c425dEnhancementNew fast algorithm for zigzag pattern detection.
acdba2Bug FixModification of Trading System was not working in some cases.
1d4264Bug FixCondition editor was not working in some case.
7792ccEnhancementSimple System Test report now looks better.
55c95cBug FixOpening of previously saved chart was showing wrong parameters of indicators.
17c1d7Bug Fix'Remove all patterns' context menu on chart was having some problem.
09ed39EnhancementBuilt-in symbol lists now contains symbols for more exchanges.
Stockalyze 2012 Released
Ref#Change TypeChange Description
f2444aBug FixSome stock splits were not getting detected.
5b2ed5EnhancementUnstallation fails if application is running.
f88745Bug FixSaved graphics of indicator was not read while opening saved chart.
7249e0Bug FixHitting any key e.g. Ctrl was making tooltip to disappear.
6910dfBug FixTooltip was showing wrong info when log scale was used.
5e9d8eEnhancementWhen chart is saved annotations are saved too.
ec81edEnhancementAdded support to show/hide price object on chart so that other objects can be seen clearly.
30fdd1EnhancementNew chart format will save/read zones as well.
f3d323Bug FixZone title-strip was too broad for large font size.
34f91dBug FixResizing of zone was not precise.
1b9c3fEnhancementSimple System Test view now uses platform control to display HTML.
031766EnhancementPanning of chart can be done using click and drag, inspired from Adobe PDF Reader.
e0d552Bug FixRemoved duplicate mnemonic.
596e29EnhancementTooltip now appears only when mouse stays at same location for a moment.
6257b5Bug FixValues larger than 100 million was making chart look ugly.
d19cb3Bug FixFlickering of tooltip on chart is now fixed.
06b7d6FeatureAdded annotation support to chart, now charts can be annotated using trend-lines and other annotation objects including texts.
0f737bEnhancementDefault cursor on chart is now cross hair cursor.
996cf3FeatureAdded Head & Shoulders pattern detection.
c31c10Bug FixFixed a bug where changes in cloned chart was also reflecting on parent chart.
17daceEnhancementFast horizontal scrolling of chart can be done by holding ctrl key and then pressing right/left arrow.
44009bFeatureAdded support to detect double top/bottom pattern.
4a9540FeatureAdded support for zigzag indicator.
d0176dFeatureCandlestick pattern recognition.
Stockalyze 2010 (First version of Stockalyze) Released.