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Stockalyze was started as a solution for free and low-cost technical analysis software. The idea of Stockalyze was conceived because of unavailability of free or low cost software to analyze stocks. Out of this our company Lunetek Software was founded and Stockalyze was born. Stockalyze as the name suggests is an amalgamation of two words 'Stock' and 'Analyze'. It was developed with the idea of providing technical analysis software that is not only free but also robust and easy to use. The aim of Stockalyze is to let anyone analyze stocks. And so Stockalyze supports analysis of stocks from 35+ countries and 50+ stock-exchanges world-wide. It has been designed in such a way that people around the world can start using it just after installation. You need no registration, no configuration, no geeky stuff to start using it. Stockalyze Lite is absolutely free which has many features like technical charts, indicators, patterns, point & figure charts, alerts, portfolio tracking & watchlist, etc. However, if you need more advanced features like stock-screener/scanner, backtesting, alerts based on indicators, etc. then you can register Stockalyze to use it in Pro mode. Registering Stockalyze for use in Pro mode is not that costly because the aim of Stockalyze is to allow anyone analyze stocks. Lunetek Software is committed to always keep Stockalyze Lite a free software and Stockalyze Pro an affordable one. At Lunetek Software, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond business. And that is why we provide free support. Have questions? Contact us and get your query resolved.

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