Stockalyze feature list

FeatureDescriptionAvailable in Lite ModeAvailable in Pro Mode
Technical Chart creationStockalyze creates visually appeasing charts.
Point and Figure chartYou can create Point and Figure chart with continuously increasing box size.
Free stock price dataStockalyze has built-in capability to download free data from Yahoo!.
Chart stylesStockalyze supports different chart styles viz. Candlestick, Bar, and Line. Scale of price chart can be log or linear.
Chart periodicityPeriodicity of the chart can be changed to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.
ZoomCharts in Stockalyze can be zoomed-in and zoomed-out.
Customizable chartsStockalyze charts are fully configurable. All parameters of a chart, e.g. background color, axis location, border, etc. etc., are configurable.
Ability to copy chartStockalyze also facilitates to create a Copy of an open chart.
Ability to save chartCharts can be saved as a file. A saved chart can be opened on another computer where Stockalyze is installed.
Ability to export chartChart can also be exported as image. Stockalyze supports exporting of chart in variety of formats viz. PNG, JPG, PCX, BMP, and TIF.
Technical indicatorsStockalyze supports many technical indicators which can be added to a chart.
Composite IndicatorsYou can create indicator of another indicator using simple drag and drop operation.
Indicators are configurableAll indicators can be configured including already displayed indicators. Stockalyze has a powerful feature to also configure indicator graphics.
Indicator categorizationIndicators are grouped into different categories.
TemplateMultiple indicators along with their graphics can be combined to form a Template. A Template can be used to add multiple indicators in one go.
Default templateUser can also specify default Template which will be added to all new charts.
Easily remove indicatorIn a chart user can remove already displayed indicators including volume bar.
Chart tooltipStockalyze charts show tooltip to display price and values of indicators at mouse position.
Chart legendsStockalyze charts also show legends to describe graphics.
Quote editorStockalyze also has a Quote Editor which can be used to modify, add, and delete a quote from a price history.
Split detectionIf you use free data then there is a great chance that the stock price history is not split-adjusted. Quote Editor has a facility to auto detect splits using which price history can be adjusted.
Zig zag pattern detectionStockalyze can detect zigzag pattern in price, this is helpful in detecting patterns.
Basic annotations on chartYou can draw trend lines and create texts on chart.
Portfolio and watchlistYou can monitor your portfolio of stocks and keep interesting stocks in watchlist so that you can keep an eye on it.
Advanced annotations on chartIn ProMode you have more tools to annotate your chart.
Fibonacci RetracementsHelpful in deciding support/resistance levels.
Linear Regression ChannelHelpful in deciding breakout from an established trend.
Andrew's Pitch ForkAndrew's pitch fork is favorite way of many traders to detect a breakout.
Trading SystemStockalyze supports creation, modification, and evaluation of Trading Systems. A Trading System in Stockalyze is a set of rules that define entry and exit of long and short positions based on technical indicators. In short it is a way to generate Buy/Sell signals.
Built-in Trading SystemsStockalyze comes with many built-in Trading Systems.
Make your own Trading Systems
  • You can also define your own Trading System.
  • Stockalyze has a simple yet powerful feature of defining trading system using graphical interface.
  • A Trading System can be based on multiple indicators.
  • A Trading System can have separate rules for long and short positions.
Stock Idea Finder
  • A list of securities can be scanned to look for buy/sell signals using a Trading System.
  • From a large list of stocks it is often difficult to filter out best candidate for investment. You can use Stock Idea Finder to short list stocks that confirm to rules of a Trading System.
Add Signal MarkerUsing a Trading System buy/sell signals can also be plotted on a chart. This helps in visualizing how trading positions could have been initiated and closed using a Trading System/indicator
Simple System Tester
  • You can back test a Trading System on past data.
  • It is like going back in time and trade using a Trading System and see the result.
  • Using back testing you can find which Trading System or indicator works best for a given stock.
  • You can also specify what stop-loss and stop-profit-erosion to use while doing back testing.
Candlestick pattern detectionStockalyze provides ability to detect more than 60 different candlestick patterns.
Double top pattern detectionStockalyze can automatically detect double top and double bottom formation in price movement.
Head and shoulders pattern detectionStockalyze can automatically detect head and shoulders pattern formation in price movement.
Alert SystemYou can set alert which will get triggered when a pre specified price is attained or when a trading system triggers buy/sell signal.
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