Stockalyze Licenses


Cost: Free
Use of Stockalyze 2014 in LiteMode is free of cost.


Cost of perpetual validity: $49.99
License to use Stockalyze 2014 will never expire.


Cost of 6 months validity: $24.99
License to use Stockalyze 2014 will expire in 6 months.

Please Note

  • Stockalyze works on all Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems.
  • You will immediately be able to register the product.
  • If you are already using Stockalyze Lite you will not need to download or install anything if you buy perpetual or subscription license


Secure online payments for Stockalyze is provided by, Inc.(Ohio, USA). is a worldwide leader in online payment services

Refund policy

Our refund policy is pro-customer. If you don't like the product just ask for refund within 30 days of purchase. You will get the refund and no question will be asked.