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Technical Chart, Point and Figure Chart, Trading Strategy Development, Backtesting, Stock Screener, Portfolio Tracking.

A free, professional technical analysis software and trading strategy development platform.


Technical chart

As a technical analysis software, Stockalyze is also a charting software. Creating high quality stock charts is one of the strength of Stockalyze.

  • Technical Chart: Create Technical chart of EOD (End of day) stock price data.
  • Many indicators: Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, ADX, RSI, MFI and more than 50 other technical indicators.
  • Ability to create composite indicators by simple drag-drop operation.
  • Indicator parameters including its graphics can be easily configured

Trading Systems

Discover your favorite trading strategy using Stockalyze.

  • Stockalyze has many built-in trading systems that you can use to evaluate your trading strategies.
  • A trading system can be used to generate buy/sell signals.
  • It can also be used in System Tester (backtesting) to see how a strategy would have worked in the past.
  • Trading System is also used to find stock ideas using Stock Screener.
  • While setting alert on a stock you can use Trading System to catch the investment opportunities on time.

Visual Trading Systems Editor

Define your entry/exit rule visually.

  • Visual Trading System Editor allows to define Trading Systems without use of formula or programming language.
  • You can define your own Trading Systems using easy to use graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Use your newly created Trading Systems to backtest, scan stock ideas, and plot buy-sell signals on chart.

Point and Figure chart

Find breakout, support and resistance using Point and Figure chart.

  • Point and Figure chart: Create Point and Figure chart with adaptive box sizes.
  • Can be used to detect buy/sell signals
  • Support and resistance can be easily detected
  • Stockalyze P&F uses adaptive box sizes
  • P&F parameters are fully configurable
  • You can add various annotations on P&F chart

Works out of the box

Start using Stockalyze immediately after install.

  • No configuration is needed.
  • Free data download: Built-in feature of downloading free stock price data from Yahoo!, Tiingo, and Alphavantage.
  • Built-in data downloader can download stock price for 37 countries and 50 stock exchanges world wide. So, no matter where you live there is a great chance you can use Stockalyze for your investment needs.

System Tester

Backtest your trading strategy.

  • You can test Trading Systems on past data to know effectiveness of an investment strategy.
  • Multiple strategies can be tested with multiple stocks in one go.
  • Test can be run on your chosen range of past data, by default last 10 years of data is used.
  • Other parameters like stop-loss and stop-profit-erosion too can be configured to suit your style.
  • Even the periodicity of data, like Daily, Weekly, etc., can be changed before test is run.

Stock Screener

Find investment ideas that suit your strategy.

  • Use it to scan/explore stock ideas from a list of stocks of your choice.
  • Stock Screener can be used to find Buy, Sell, Short and Cover signals.
  • You can look for signals that might have happened in last many trading sessions, by default only last day is scanned for stock ideas.
  • Periodicity of data, like Daily, Weekly, etc., can also be changed before Stock Screener is run.

Pattern Detection

Take help in investment decisions from stock price patterns.

  • Stockalyze can detect candlestick patterns like Abandoned Baby, Hanging Man, Harami, etc. these are more than 60 in total.
  • Patterns formed by price movements can also be detected, e.g. Double Top/Bottom, and head & shoulders.
  • Price movements can be simplified as Zig-zag so that patterns can be detected by visual inspection
  • Patterns can be detected in different periodicity, like Daily, Weekly, etc.


Annotate technical chart like a pro.

  • You can add trend-lines, ray, triangle, rectangle, oval, texts, and many other annotation objects on chart.
  • You can also add advanced annotations like Andrew"s Pitch fork, Fibonacci retracements, and Linear Regression channels.
  • Graphic properties of annotations like color and line-style can be easily modified.

Portfolio and Watchlist

Keep your eye on your investments and watchlists.

  • Easily monitor all your investments.
  • Create multiple portfolios.
  • Also see the consolidated view of all portfolios.
  • Quickly analyse gains-losses and performance.
  • Create multiple Watchlists.
  • Set alerts based on price and Trading Systems on stocks of portfolios and watchlists.

Alert System

Never miss an investment opportunity and get alerted.

  • You can set alert based on Trading Systems and/or price so that you don"t miss the investment opportunity.
  • When stockalyze is started it evaluates for all possible alerts that might got triggered.
  • Alerts are also evaluated when new price data is available.
  • At one place you can see consolidated list of all alerts that have occurred.

Easy to use

  • Stockalyze is designed as easy-to-use software
  • Stockalyze is not just another technical analysis software. It is more than that. It is a toolkit that has many tools like Point & Figure, Portfolio & Watchlist, Alert, System Tester (aka Backtesting), stock-screener (aka scanner), apart from Technical Chart and many other features.
  • Unlike other technical analysis softwares (including the leaders) Stockalyze does not throw unnecessary dialogs.
  • Even the Trading System can be defined using Graphical User Interface (GUI) instead of complicated programs.
  • The default values in many dialogs usually works in most of the cases.