Stockalyze Technical Indicators


INTROIntroduction to Stockalyze Technical Indicator Reference

Overlap Studies

ACCBANDSAcceleration Bands
BBANDSBollinger Bands
DEMADouble Exponential Moving Average
EMAExponential Moving Average
HT_TRENDLINEHilbert Transform - Instantaneous Trendline
KAMAKaufman Adaptive Moving Average
MAMoving average
MAMAMESA Adaptive Moving Average
MIDPOINTMidPoint over period
MIDPRICEMidpoint Price over period
SARStop and Reverse. Popularly known as Parabolic SAR
SAREXTParabolic SAR - Extended
SMASimple Moving Average
T3Triple Exponential Moving Average (T3)
TEMATriple Exponential Moving Average
TRIMATriangular Moving Average
WMAWeighted Moving Average

Momentum Indicators

ADXAverage Directional Movement Index
ADXRAverage Directional Movement Index Rating
APOAbsolute Price Oscillator
AROONOSCAroon Oscillator
BOPBalance Of Power
CCICommodity Channel Index
CMOChande Momentum Oscillator
MACDMoving Average Convergence/Divergence
MACDEXTMACD with controllable MA type
MFIMoney Flow Index
PPOPercentage Price Oscillator
ROCRate of change : ((price/prevPrice)-1)*100
ROCPRate of change Percentage: (price-prevPrice)/prevPrice
ROCRRate of change ratio: (price/prevPrice)
ROCR100Rate of change ratio 100 scale: (price/prevPrice)*100
RSIRelative Strength Index
STOCHFStochastic Fast
STOCHRSIStochastic Relative Strength Index
TRIX1-day Rate-Of-Change (ROC) of a Triple Smooth EMA
ULTOSCUltimate Oscillator
WILLRWilliams' %R

Volume Indicators

ADChaikin A/D Line
ADOSCChaikin A/D Oscillator
NVINegative Volume Index
OBVOn Balance Volume
PVIPositive Volume Index

Volatility Indicators

ATRAverage True Range
NATRNormalized Average True Range

Price Transforms

AVGPRICEAverage Price
MEDPRICEMedian Price
TYPPRICETypical Price
WCLPRICEWeighted Close Price

Cycle Indicators

HT_DCPERIODHilbert Transform - Dominant Cycle Period
HT_DCPHASEHilbert Transform - Dominant Cycle Phase
HT_PHASORHilbert Transform - Phasor Components
HT_SINEHilbert Transform - SineWave