This help document briefly describes all built-in indicators of Lunetek Stockalyze. It should be used as a quick reference to look at interpretation of technical indicators. This document is designed to be short, simple, and clear and so it does not contain any formula or description about how an indicator is calculated. It should only be used to quickly know how an indicator can be interpreted.

All built-in indicators in Stockalyze are fully configurable; you can change input parameters and you can change the graphics description. For most indicators this document does not describe the various input parameters and it assumes you will use only default values. Default values of input parameters of most indicators are suitable for most cases and you will rarely need to change them but if you want to try different value you should first know the meaning of the indicator and its parameters. There are some indicators for which you will change input parameter, Moving average indicators are one such indicator.

For more serious study of technical indicators reading a good book is recommended. Googling on Internet can also result in some very good resource. If you are a beginner then try to understand few basic indicators first; 'Moving Average', RSI, MACD, 'Bollinger Bands', and ADX are most used and very popular indicators. It will be better to thoroughly understand 'Moving Average' which is very simple to use and yet very powerful indicator.

This document does not use any chart to describe an indicator. You are encouraged to plot the indicator in Stockalyze and try to see the point being made yourself.