When a chart is opened you can annotate it using various annotation objects. At present following annotations are supported:

Annotation Description
Trend Line A Trend Line is a line segment with fixed end points
Ray Ray is a line that extends in both direction infinitely and so it does not have any fixed point.
Extended Line Extended Line is a line that is fixed at one point and extends infinitely on other end.
Vertical Line Vertical Line extends infinitely in both direction but it is always vertical.
Horizontal Line Horizontal Line extends infinitely in both direction but it is always horizontal.
Parallel Lines Parallel Lines are bunch of parallel Trend Lines.
Connected Lines Connected Lines are bunch of Trend Lines connected at end points. It is like drawing zigzag manually on chart.
Arrow A trend line with arrow on one end.
Both Ways Arrow A trend line with arrows on both ends.
Triangle A translucent triangle with opaque edge.
Rectangle A translucent rectangle with opaque edge.
Oval A translucent ellipse with opaque edge.
Text You can add texts on chart.
Andrew's Pitch Fork Andrew's Pitch fork is used to detect early when price breaks from a trend.
Linear regression Linear regression can be used to see the trend and create channel within which price moves.
Fibonacci retracements Fibonacci retracements can be used to predict support/resistance levels.

Adding annotation to chart:

To add an annotation to chart select the suitable menu item in Annotation menu:

Annotation Menu

Annotation Menu.

Alternatively, you can click on desired tool button on right side of chart:

Annotation Toolbar

Annotation Toolbar.

After selecting the desired tool button or menu item you can click on the chart where you want to add the annotation, depending on annotation object selected you may need to click at multiple places to provide required number of data to finish creating the annotation.


Look at the image below for an example of annotation. Fibonacci Retracements and few Oval annotations have been added to GOOG chart:

Fibonacci retracements with GOOG

Fibonacci retracements with GOOG.

Likewise you can add as many annotation to a chart as you want and save the chart or export it as image.

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