Feature Demonstration videos of Stockalyze

Back-test Trading Systems

Demonstration of back-testing of Trading Systems in Stockalyze. Back-testing in Stockalyze can be done for multiple Trading Systems and multiple securities in one go. It is useful to know which Trading System works well with a security and what are the securities for which a given Trading System works better than others. It is also helpful in assessing reliability of a buy/sell signal generated by a Trading Systems.

Please make sure you watch videos in high quality.

Trading System Editor

Demonstration of Trading System Editor in Stockalyze. A Trading System in Stockalyze is a very vital component that can be used to test trading strategies, find stock ideas, generate buy/sell signals, and etc. In this video we will learn to create a simple Trading System based on MACD indicator.

Please make sure you watch videos in high quality.

More videos coming soon

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