Preference Dialog

You can use Preference dialog to set default values of some properties of chart.

For example:

  • Set default chart style, like Candle, OHLC Bar, or Line.
  • Set default height of chart zones.
  • Set default template that gets applied on all new charts.

To open Preference Dialog click on Stockalyze->Preferences menu item:

Preference menu item

Stockalyze Preference menu item.

On clicking above described menu item Stockalyze Preference Dialog opens:

Stockalyze Preference Dialog

Stockalyze Preference Dialog.

This dialog is pretty simple and most items are self explanatory. But, template is something that demands special mention. If a template is specified then each time a chart is created the chart appears with all indicators of template. This is a very useful feature for creating charts with your favorite indicators attached.

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