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News and Updates / A new update is released
December 04, 2023, 03:51:58 PM
A new update of Stockalyze is released.

In this release many bug fixes and improvements have been made.
Stockalyze now has support for backtesting of short selling positions too.

Going forward it is expected that more frequent updates of Stockalyze will be released.
If you want some new feature or an improvement then please contact us and suggest.
Hi Pedro,
We regret that you are facing problem while purchasing Stockalyze. Can you elaborate a little on what exactly is the failure? The purchase gateway of Stockalyze is handled by and we can report to them about the problem you faced. You can try again and report the problem to us. We will certainly make sure that it is resolved.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: My pro license
September 07, 2023, 03:37:40 PM
Hi Gabriel,
Sorry for the problem you faced.
We checked the record and we couldn't find any payment from your email-id. Can you please check again your credit card statement? If you think your card was charged even once then please send us the details like date of payment, reference number etc. We will ask 2checkout (our payment service provider) about it.

Hi Tony, I am glad you found the solution to the problem but Stockalyze shouldn't crash, no matter what the input is. Can you please post the file here and a screenshot of the dialog? That will help me create the same crash here and then I will make a fix.

Sorry to know that you are having trouble and also for my late response. There are reasons I am not able to spend enough time on Stockalyze. Please don't worry about number of license. I have already increased it to 10.

Now, comping back to your problem, I didn't get what does "my API tab doesn't work" mean? Can you please elaborate it more? Rest assured that your problem will be resolved. Please let me know what exactly is the problem.
Sorry again for my late response. :)
General Discussion / Re: Is Stockalyze defunct?
July 21, 2023, 03:10:03 PM
Hi N.
Its not defunct but the code signing certificate has expired and renewing that is taking time and so lately I am not able to focus on it much. I hope it will be back on track soon.
Hi Stu,
Thanks for liking Stockalyze. As of now there is no way to save P&F chart. I will add this feature and I will let you know.
General Discussion / Re: Purchasing a license
May 30, 2023, 01:22:01 AM
What exact problem you are having? You should be able to use paypal to pay in the checkout.
Hi Tony,
I tried but cannot reproduce this issue on my computer. Which version of Windows you are using?
Hi Maurico,
Sorry for completely missing your posts.
I am able to create chart and add all these stocks to watchlist.
Can you please give it a try again? If the problem persists then I can resolve this by working on your computer using Google Chrome Remote Desktop.
Please let me know if you need help.
General Discussion / Re: Purchasing a license
May 15, 2023, 06:09:33 AM
Are you having any trouble purchasing from the website?
The problem is that the Yahoo! doesn't have data for BRK.A/B and Stockalyze didn't expect that to happen while adding watchlist.
It is now fixed. Please update to latest version.
Hi Mauricio,
I am able to see the problem myself. Thanks for reporting. A fix will be made soon.

I will let you when the Stockalyze is updated with the fix.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for those files. I was able to see why the Stockalyze was closing unexpectedly. I have now fixed that behavior but the information these files had was not enough to pin point why exactly Stockalyze was getting into that situation. I will be glad if you report similar issues and any unexpected behavior. The fix I have made is to avoid closing of Stockalyze when it gets into that situation.
Please update Stockalyze to get the fixes I have done.

Happy Stockalyzing,
Hi Keith,
I was able to see this problem on my own. It was happening in one particular situation and I guess you had seen the exact same issue. I have now fixed it.
When I saw the problem myself I remembered it was something you had reported long back and so I am informing you about the fix.

Please use the latest Stockalyze.

Thanks and happy Stockalyzing,