Stock Screener

Stockalyze can help you scan stocks for investment ideas using Trading Systems.

To invoke Stock Screener click on Scan Stocks tool button on gateway window of Stockalyze:

Stock Screener tool button

Stock Screener Tool button.

This will open the Stocks Screener dialog:

Stock Screener Dialog

Stock Screener Dialog.

For demonstration, Trading Systems and securities list in this dialog has been filed in the same manner as Back-testing. In Stock Screener dialog box you can specify types of signals you are looking for. You can also specify duration of signal generated. By default last 3 days from current date is selected to look for signals. Below is the result of running Stock Screener as shown in above image:

Stock Screener result

Stock Screener result.

You can also choose to run Stock Screener on list of stocks that were in the result of another Stock Screener report. For example if you want to generate stock ideas that pass by two Trading Systems then you can run Stock Screener with one Trading System and then run it again with another Trading System but this time populate the security list by clicking Add from last search.

Back-test scanned stock ideas

It is also very important to know which signals generated by Stock Screener can actually work for really executing a trade decision. So, Stockalyze has a provision of backtesting the scanned stocks with the Trading Systems which has generated signals. To run backtesting of securities in Stock Screener report go to Ideas->Backtest Scanned Ideas... menu item:

Invocation point for backtesting scanned ideas

Invocation point for backtesting scanned stock ideas.

It will open the Backtest Stock Screener Report dialog:

Backtest Stock Screener Report dialog

Backtest Stock Screener Report dialog.

This dialog needs parameters similar to Backtest dialog but without list of Trading Systems and securities as they are taken from result of Stock Screener. Below is the result of backtest run on above Stock Screener report:

Backtesting report of stocks in Stock Screener result

Backtesting result of stocks in Stock Screener report.

Using this report it can be figured out which of the scanned stocks found by Stock Screener can be used for actual trading.

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